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Saturne welcomes F.E.M & AD Industrie into its capital

 Press release

Saturne Technology welcomes the F.E.M and AD Industrie into its capital

- Investors put in €2 million alongside the director and co-founder

- Increased means for maintaining a lead in terms of expertise and quality

- The target is to double turnover in 3 years


LUXEMBOURG, 13 December 2016. Alongside director and co-founder Walter Grzymlas, the Fonds Européen des Matériaux (managed by Emertec) and the manufacturer AD Industrie are investing €2 million in the company Saturn Technology, which is opening up to capital investment for the first time. The aim of the operation is to provide the company with additional resources so it can increase its workforce, maintain its lead in terms of expertise and improve the quality now demanded by the industrial sectors. This approach reflects the exponential demand for additive manufacturing services in the field of metallurgy. Saturn Technology has set itself the objective of doubling the scope of its activity over the next 3 years, thus confirming its position as a European pioneer in metal additives manufacturing (via SLM technology: powder bed fusion by laser).

With sales of €1.9 million in 2016 and 11 employees, Saturn Technology is one of Europe's best in class companies in the field. Capitalizing on a thorough knowledge of metallurgy, as well as in machining of all kinds using laser technology, in 2009 the company started learning about additive manufacturing. Eight years later, it mass-produces parts for the aeronautics, automotive and implantable medical devices sectors. The company exports a large proportion of its production - mainly to Europe, the USA, and Mexico.

A winning partnership to strengthen and drive eight years of development

Its director, Walter Gryzmlas, a European materials engineer and industrial entrepreneur specializing in metallurgy, quickly understood the challenges presented by additive manufacturing and adapted them to his customers’ expectations.

Having doubled its turnover over the last 3 years in its usual activity of cutting, drilling and laser recharge, Saturn Technology has been driven by the recognition of its SLM manufacturing expertise. It had to overcome some hurdles before becoming a metal additive manufacturing leader and ensuring a level and quality of production that now meets customer demand.

Understanding the future challenges in the sector, Walter Grzymlas has brought together two highly complementary investors to finance this new stage in the development of his company. In addition to their financial contribution, the investors have embarked on a support program for the company director, the team, and the company itself. The goal for the head of the company in 2017 will be to develop internal talent, strengthen the team, and capitalize on the skills and knowledge of the investors. This strategy will make it possible to more quickly achieve the level of structuring expected by the major companies in the sector and sustainably address the aeronautics, medical and space markets via SLM technology.

Quotes: Walter Grzymlas, co-founder and director: "We are convinced that this financial and industrial partnership will bring a structure and the decision-making power to our company that will be recognized by our current customers. Our expertise and our development strategy will enable us to position ourselves as a key player in metal additives manufacturing thanks to both our production capacity and our engineering department. Capitalizing on our skills in precision mechanics and other laser applications, we will provide our customers with very high quality finished parts".

Bertrand Roux, Director Business Development AD Industry: "Our equity investment in Saturn Technology will allow us to offer all our customers in the aeronautics sector opportunities to improve performance, both in terms of cost and cycle. These optimizations will concern both new programs and mature programs, for which the end-of-life processes have yet to be defined. "

Guillaume Laffineur, Investment Manager at Emertec Gestion, adds: "We are delighted with the opportunity to contribute to the further development of Saturne Technology. It represents a fine example of entrepreneurial success guided by constant innovation and the pursuit of excellence in the service of customers. We also appreciate the high standard of the team’s human and technical skills."

About Saturne Technology:

Saturne Technology was founded in 2001 by its current head. A leading subcontractor, the company specialized in laser cutting and drilling, laser welding and laser recharges. In 2009, the company incorporated the selective laser melting manufacturing process (or 3D metal printing on powder bed: SLM). It has become the spearhead of the company in which it has recognized expertise that enables it to now mass produce parts using SLM technology.

Its performance in terms of quality has allowed the company to address the most demanding sectors – for example aeronautics and medical. (certification: ISO 9001, EN 9100 and NADCAP)

More information: www.saturne-technology.com

About Fonds Européen des Matériaux (FEM):

The FEM is a capital-innovation and capital-development investment fund, operating in France and in neighbouring European countries. With an investment capacity of between € 0.5 and €2.5 million per operation, the FEM targets A and B series equity financing operations in innovative companies working in the field of industry, cleantech and medtech. The fund entered the active investment phase in September 2015 after its first closing at €21 million under management. The FEM is managed by Emertec Gestion, an independent management company authorized by the AMF with € 150 million under management through 4 funds, mainly in cleantech, medtech, and industrial processes & services.

In the second half of 2016, Emertec Gestion approached Demeter Partners to create the leading European private equity firm dedicated to energy transition, the environment, and innovative materials. Together they have €800 million in assets under management, 120 companies financed in 10 years and teams comprising 31 professionals with complementary profiles.

More information: www.emertec.fr

About AD Industrie:

AD Industrie is a mid-market company with over €200 million in turnover in the high-tech sectors of aeronautics, energy, and defence. With a workforce of 1,500 employees on 10 industrial sites in France, Morocco, and Tunisia, AD Industrie supplies its customers with high-tech parts and sub-assemblies to the highest quality and industrial performance standards. AD Industrie has developed a focus on high added value mechanical and hydraulic products by integrating complementary technologies and expertise such as machining, sheet metal working, composites, integration, and testing. It aims to pursue its development by mastering new manufacturing technologies that bring value to its customers, by accentuating its innovation efforts in co-design with its customers and by developing internationally.



Saturne Technology: Walter GRZYMLAS

Investors: AD Industrie – Thomas BARDOUIL

FEM / Emertec – Guillaume LAFFINEUR

Investor legal advisors: 

- FIDAL –Brice Voillequin

- WILDGEN –Catherine Cathiard

- LPA CGR –Florence Trognon-Dumain

Company legal advisors: PwC Luxembourg – Agathe le Callonnec, Raphael Docquier

Company financial advisors: PwC Luxembourg - Sébastien Lacourt, Xavier Rapatel


Saturne Technology / Walter Gryzmals / walter.grzymlas@saturne-technology.com

AD Industrie / Thomas Bardouil / +33(0)1 47 42 76 00/ t.bardouil@adgroupe.com

FEM – Emertec Gestion / Laurent Bocahut / +33(0)3 72 39 10 66 / glaffineur@emertec.fr

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